7 compelling reasons why you shouldn't sponsor my blog.

I've never been shy to speak my opinion on blog sponsorships. Now I'd like to present to you the other side of the sponsorship equation: why you wouldn't want to sponsor my blog. If any of these apply to you, you may want to rethink.

7 compelling reasons why you shouldn't sponsor my blog.

You don't post regularly to yours.

If you aren't offering up fresh, quality content for me to promote, it's going to make my job of driving people to your blog a whole lot more difficult.

You don't want an increase in page views.

An ad space on my blog means you WILL get an increase in page views on yours. I do everything I can to keep the traffic flowing your way all month long.

You don't like to be in contact with the blogger you're sponsoring.

I like to be very "hands-on" with the people who sponsor me. That means you'll be getting several emails from me and "check-ups" throughout the month.

You aren't ready to commit to keeping your new followers interested.

Once your sponsorship gets rolling, you should see some new friends hanging around your blog. If you aren't ready to start chatting them up, they might not stick around.

You just started blogging yesterday.

I'm sure the appeal of quick blog growth can be pretty strong, but if you are still in your first few months of blogging you might want to hold off for a bit. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with having a lot of fresh, quality content. The longer you have been blogging, the more content you should have.

The thought of sponsoring a mommy/craft blog makes you gag.

If what you like to blog about is the exact opposite of what my blog is about (my life in being a mommy and sharing my creative creations) you shouldn't sponsor me. Chances are, my readers may not be as interested in what you post as they would if they were coming from a blog a lot like yours. 

You just want a sidebar ad. No extras.

Yes, in the past, I have offered just sidebar ads. No, they aren't enough, at least not anymore. The days of merely having an eye-catching sidebar ad are no longer. If you don't want loads of social media touts, opportunities to co-host one of the most popular link ups in the blogosphere, community support, and more, walk away now.

If you can argue against each of these reasons, then you're ready to sponsor Peacoats & Plaid.


  1. Love love this. And. You are hilarious.

  2. This is AMAZING! Def need to sponsor you soon!!!

  3. So true. I'm kind of surprised this was a necessary post though. Do people really sponsor when they don' blog regularly enough to grow and engage with the increased traffic?

  4. I guess maybe they do it to fund/encourage bloggers they like?

  5. Sometimes people buy ad space that isn't going to go live for a few months (if the blogger is booked up) and then when their slot finally goes live they reach a time that their "uninspired" (this has totally happened to me).

  6. haha I saw this in my bloglovin feed and thought "o crap, my sponsorship starts tomorrow!" haha l love the sarcasm, and I'm so excited to be sponsoring your blog in March! :)

  7. Ahhahahaha! Sorry about the mini heart attack lol Don't worry, you're in good hands :) Sarcastic hands, but good hands.

  8. Haha then we will be great together! :)

  9. but....ok i give in.

  10. Must be annoying when you put so much time and effort in promoting your sponsors. It's good that you put this information up. I didn't realize so many people had no idea....


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