The 3 steps I take in approaching sponsored posts.

3 steps to being successful with sponsored blog posts

It's something I try to be hyper-aware of. It's something that has been a controversy in the blogosphere. I'm talking about SPONSORED POSTS. How much is too much? I, personally, feel that approximately 1-2 a week out of 4-5 posts a week isn't overkill. Especially when they are:

A. posts that fit into the blog's "niche"


B. products that the blogger has already/can incorporate into what is really going on in their life and thus not sound like a robotic commercial.

Yes, I'm sure the words "this post is sponsored by" at the top of the blog post will turn most people off. First of all, for legal reasons, every blogger SHOULD be putting that before you start to get into the meat of the post. Second, try to reserve your judgement until you read it.

I never set out writing a "sponsored post" with the object of only talking about that particular product or brand. I start writing it how I would any other post: maybe it's a craft tutorial, maybe it's a VLOG poking fun at the craziness of our attempts at potty training, whatever. After it's drafted, then I make sure I have fulfilled the requirements of the company that's sponsoring it.

To put it simply, here's how I go about writing sponsored posts:

  1. Apply for a sponsored post that fits into my niche (craft/mommy blog) and is a product I believe in with a pitch that's uniquely "me".
  2. If accepted, incorporate the product into the post that you would have written anyways (aka even if you weren't "getting paid" to do it).
  3. Make sure you have included the necessary verbiage to keep the client happy.

Really, that's what the client wants- your voice. They don't want you to step outside yourself and do a "commercial". They want you to appeal to your readers and talk about why you LOVE said product. And please, if you don't really LOVE the product, don't apply for the post in the first place.

Sponsored posts have gotten a bad rap on account of some poor choices and poorly written posts. Yes, there are blogs out there that seem to have gotten a little money-hungry and have written posts for companies that have nothing to do with their subject matter. But the majority of us are trying as hard as we can to stick to our guns, apply for campaigns that we believe in, and make a little money off of something that we pour hours upon a hours and our heart and soul into. Don't put up a wall just because you know it's a sponsored post. Judge the post on it's content alone, and then we'll talk.


  1. I was approached for the very first time about this from a company and was really on the fence about if and how to do it. This really helped me figure out how to navigate it. Thanks!!

  2. great tips! I've struggled with writing some past sponsored posts in my "voice" and that just makes you unhappy and your readers uninterested. so now I also try to make sure it's something I would've written anyways and then I add the sponsored content in so it's a win/win. it's not always easy but makes for much better content.

  3. Glad I could help! It's scary when you first jump into "sponsored post" waters. The more you do it, the easier and more fun it gets.

  4. Oh for sure, my first few sponsored posts probably sucked. I say probably because i'm afraid to go back and read them lol

  5. I have a hard time finding sponsored post opportunities. Do you have any sites that you can recommend?

  6. The biggest ones I use are Pollinate Media, Collective Bias, Linqia (https://app.linqia.com/r/wimpsirf), and Blueprint Social. Love them all!


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