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DIY 3-Tiered Hanging Indoor Planter [TUTORIAL]

I have a problem. I am a succulent hoarder. I can't resist picking up fallen leaves when we're at Home Depot.

I have succulents coming out of my ears. When my succulents get "leggy" and need to be re-potted, I just can't bear the thought of throwing the extra leaves away knowing that I'm potentially killing a new plant.

Because of this I'm running out of room on my windowsill. Vertical is the way to go when you're pressed for space. For anything, really. 

I began the hunt for the perfect hanging planter. I knew I wanted it to be 3 tiered, I knew I wanted it to be white. I just liked the way it looked. The trouble was, I couldn't find anything like that online or in stores with a price that I was comfortable with. 

So I made my own. And it was pretty darn easy. Here's how you can save yourself some big bucks and make one (or two, or three!) yourself.


August 2016 Traffic and Income Report

This is going to sound kind of narcissistic, but I love my blog for so many reasons. It motivates me to document life's little moments with our family that might otherwise go forgotten. It helps me exercise my crafty/creative muscle. It has taught me SO MUCH about taking good photos, how to master Photoshop, and the powers of social media that I've applied to help grow our family's dance studio.

Not just all that, I'm lucky enough to make a few bucks off Bre Pea. Some months more than others, that's for sure. And the income, as I've come to realize, is almost directly related to the degree of hustle that I have applied.

I want to start tracking my traffic and income to help keep me motivated to grow Bre Pea in the right directions. I don't want it to just "fizzle out". I also want to track my stats because I think it's important to be completely transparent with my readers. 

How I made money last month as a DIY and crafty blogger.

August 2016 Traffic (according to Google Analytics):

Total Page Views 22,787

Total Unique Visits (Users) 18,343

Pages/Session 1.19

Page Views from Pinterest 9,735

Page Views from Facebook 117

Page Views from Instagram 18

Page Views from SoFab FB Campaign 5,721

August 2016 Income:

Influence Central $150

Clever Girls $200

Mom Network Ads (formerly Rivit) $.67

Collective Bias $45

Subtotal Income- $395.67

August 2016 Expenses:

GoDaddy Bookkeeping $9.99

Filmora (new video editing software) $29.99

Fizzle $34

Subtotal Expenses- $74.98

August 2016 Total Income Minus Expenses: $320.69

What I Learned: 

First of all, scoring Facebook ad campaigns with SoFab is an AMAZING traffic driver. I'm going to continue to deliver awesome sponsored content in the hopes that I score at least one ad campaign a month.

Second of all, I obviously have no idea how ad placement works. I made a whopping 67 cents off my ads with almost 23,000 page views. That doesn't seem right. Help?

August was a lean month as far as income goes. Though I didn't do a report on the month before, I can say that I earned almost three times as much in July than I did in August. It's not a totally accurate representation of the amount of work I did because a lot of my income comes from sponsored posts, and most companies don't pay until 30-60 days after you finish a campaign.

That's why my future goals are to diversify my income so I'm not relying on snagging good sponsored post campaigns. I still want to do relatively the same amount of sponsored posts (I work extra hard to make them awesome and relative to my niche, plus I always turn down ones that don't vibe with my standards) but it's never smart to put all of your eggs in one basket.

I also have a few goals that I want to track to help grow my traffic and other engagement...

Goals for September 2016:

-Increase my Pinterest followers by 100+

-Increase engagement on my blog through comments

-Brainstorm a list of potential product ideas

-Increase monthly pageviews to 25,000+

-Increase Instagram blog page views to 50+

I'll be posting my progress on these goals with next month's traffic report... 

How I made money last month as a DIY and crafty blogger.


How to Dye Upholstered Furniture [TUTORIAL]

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ProtectYourEverything #CollectiveBias

I have seen tutorials around the internet claiming that you can dye upholstery with latex paint. Say what?! I had always wanted to try it, but didn't want to do it on something huge in case it didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to. Or as soft. 

How to paint upholstery with latex paint: this tutorial is so easy and the results are awesome!

Well, this $4.99 chair I found at our local thrift store practically begged me to take it home to experiment on. It turned out FANTASTIC. Well worth the weird looks and visits from neighbors who couldn't believe I was dying an upholstered chair. Many people's minds were blown, you wouldn't believe what it used to look like.

The process was actually pretty simple, too. I'm telling you, if you have an old chair needing a new life or if you find a piece of furniture at the thrift store that's just not the right color then THIS TUTORIAL IS FOR YOU.
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