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DIY Metallic Glitter Frosted Pumpkins [TUTORIAL]

This DIY Metallic Glitter Frosted Pumpkin Tutorial is brought to you by Plaid Crafts and Blueprint Social. All opinions are my own.

This is the perfect budget Halloween decor project. Love these cute glitter frosted mini pumpkins!

I get so excited when October rolls around. I'm a sucker for traditions and all of the hullabaloo that comes with each holiday. Once October 1st officially hit, I was immediately down in our crawl space pulling out all of our Halloween decorations. 

I like what we've got, but we don't have much. I made some really cute glitter frosted pumpkins a few years ago with a couple mini pumpkins that I had laying around. I decided to make a more permanent version with plastic mini pumpkins and Mod Podge.

This is the perfect budget Halloween decor project. Love these cute glitter frosted mini pumpkins!



The Collective Monthly Social Blog Hop #68

Welcome to THE monthly blog hop party! Every 1st Monday of the month, link up all of your social media and blogging accounts with me. If you're looking for your blogging tribe, this is it!

Grow your blog followers and social media accounts with The Collective Monthly Social Blog Hop with Bre Pea.

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Let's get social :)



Back to School, Back to the Studio

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Panasonic. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. #4KPhoto #4KFun

If I had to select the one decision that has most impacted Bean for the better, it is hands down deciding to send her to preschool at a young age. She's one of those kids with an awkward birthday (August) so she'll either be the youngest or the oldest in her grade, depending on when we send her to Kindergarten.

We decided to put Bean in preschool last year because of her separation anxiety and to get her socializing with more kids her age. She made huge progress in both areas, and going back to school this year was so different than the last.



DIY Milk Jug Lunch Box [TUTORIAL]

This DIY milk jug lunch box tutorial complete witJif™Bars is a sponsored post thanks to Socialstars #TeamJif

Confession: now that Bean is back to school, a lot of her lunches are on the go. She goes to preschool twice a week (which just so happen to be the two busiest workdays for me) from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. 

By the time I pick her up from school, it's prime lunch time. I don't exactly have the time to drive back home and make lunch after picking her up, so I usually bring it with and we have a picnic.

This is why I was SO EXCITED to hear about a trick: making a portable (and disposable, depending on how many times you want to use it) lunch box out of a milk jug! It's the perfect size to fit Bean's favorite lunch foods, including her newest favorite: Jif™ Bars Crunchy Peanut Butter.

Here's how you can make your own...


  • Clean milk (or water) jug
  • Sharp scissors
  • Velcro or foam tape (it was what I had on hand, it worked perfect!)

This DIY milk jug craft is super easy and useful. Make a DIY milk jug lunch box for back to school!


Weekend Wanderlust [003]

Here I sit, on my bed, fresh off an afternoon of shopping with birthday money, looking forward to a fun evening of gallivanting around the northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis with friends.

Our first stop? A place that dubs itself a "country club on crack" including a ferris wheel known as "The Danger". Good times will be had.

All of this carefree-ness is giving me a fresh whiff of inspiration. I haven't tackled a crafty project in awhile, shame on me for having a creative blog. I've spotted a few projects I would like to put my own spin on that I wanted to share with you (these posts used to be known as "I actually want to make this").

Crate Bookcase via Burkatron
For my birthday this year, my husband got me a nice record player so that I could do justice to the record collection that I had. I bought one of those bookshelves with the canvas storage boxes that you see in EVERY HOUSE to store my records and set the player on top of. I wish I had stumbled upon this tutorial beforehand because this is a million times more creative.
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