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Funny Interview With Your Kid: What Does Mommy Do? [GIVEAWAY]

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I always knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom. What I didn't plan on was the fact that by the time I became a mom, we had a fairly new, successful family dance studio on our hands. That changed everything.

Bean really didn't have a choice, she was going to be a dancer. I taught dance all the way up until I had her 10 days early (which I am certain is why she arrived before her due date). She came out of the womb with a great sense of rhythm. I returned to work after taking just 2 weeks off, and my tiny little Bean came with me.

I am lucky to be in the situation where my boss is my mom, so Bean gets to come to work with me every day. She's old enough now that one of the nights that she comes, she also has dance. I'm happy to say that she's actually starting to enjoy it now ;) 

Not only does she get to come with on my regular nights teaching at the studio, she also gets to travel with us when we have regional competitions. Lord willing, she will soon be a competition dancer herself. There is nothing like sharing your life-long passion with your daughter. 

With Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day happening today, I thought it would be fun to share Bean's view on my profession through her 4 year old perspective.

Ask your son/daughter the same questions for instant hilarity and a peek into their minds...

Interview your kid: What does Mommy do?

  1. Where does Mommy work?
  2. What does Mommy do?
  3. What is a (insert your profession here)?
  4. Who does Mommy work with?
  5. What does Mommy have to wear to work?
  6. What do you do when Mommy is working?
  7. What do you do when Mommy gets home from work?
  8. Do you think Mommy is good at her job?
  9. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I feel incredibly lucky that not only do I get to work my dream job, I get to share that dream with my daughter and bring her to work with me. It makes my heart so happy when I hear her cheers of joy when I announce it's time for me to go to work. "Yay, we get to go to the dance stu-dee-oh!" 

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How I Made Over $100 in ONE Kid's Consignment Sale

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I was able to sell my kids clothes and made over $100 in just one sale by following these consignment sale tips!

As you might already know, Bean is the first and was the only (up until a few months ago) grandchild in the family on both sides. To say she has been spoiled is probably an understatement. That kid has owned more clothes in the last 4 years than I have in 30. After having to pack up all our belongings and move this past winter, I knew once we were settled that a consignment sale was in order.

I did my research and found a local kids and baby consignment sale that was a few weeks out, which gave me plenty of time to prep the clothes. I must have done a pretty good job because all but one piece was accepted to the sale (it had a TINY hole that I missed in my inspecting) and at the end of it all a check for over $100 showed up in my mailbox. Just from selling Bean's old clothes!

Want to free up storage space and make some extra dough yourself? Here's what you will need to get your kid's clothes ready for a consignment sale...



6 Things Every Flea Market Shopper Should Know

Our fun #MomsDayOff at the Junk Bonanza was sponsored by Crocs, all opinions are my own.

Springtime in Minnesota isn't just about everything going from brown to green and finally getting rid of that nasty white stuff known as "snow". Springtime in Minnesota means that the flea market/junk show season has finally arrived! 

I have been wanting to go to one particular junk show that comes to Minnesota for the last few years. Last weekend I was finally able to attend the Junk Bonanza with my mom and sister. We slipped on our comfy footwear, loaded up the kids and our cash, and hit the show for a fun mom's day off!

It was my first big junk show, and boy did I learn a lot about the fine art of flea market/junk show shopping.
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