Easy tips for balancing motherhood and bloggerhood.

I often get asked, "How do you find the time?!"

My simple answer, "I'm a busy body."

The long answer, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve that help me to get it all done. Here are my easy tips for balancing motherhood and blogger-hood...

Easy tips for balancing motherhood and bloggerhood.

Stay off social media At least until you get whatever it is you need to get done for the day. Social media is the biggest time-suck, in my opinion. I've never been one to like to waste time, but some days I'll find myself mindlessly checking my social media accounts multiple times a day. This is definitely something I have to work on myself.

Create a daily checklist Either the last thing I do before bed or the first thing I do in the morning is creating a to-do list for the day. Once I get it down on paper, it helps me stop dwelling on it and makes me want to take action and tackle it. There are some awesome blogging daily to-do lists out there as well to help you remember what you should be doing each day to maintain your blog.

How to balance being a mom and a blogger.

Jack of all trades, master of none This is one of my favorite mantras for myself. That, and "You can do anything, but not everything." Basically, don't take on so much that you can't do any of it well. Nothing and nobody benefit when you're stretched too thin.

Include the kids Now that Bean is older, she loves to "help" me take photos for my blog. More times than not, those photos don't end up making the cut. But she likes to feel included, and I can get work done at the same time! My fur child also tries to join in on the fun all the time.

Blogging from bed, #WorkFromHappyPlace

Work during school time/nap time/bed time I make it a point to try to do most of my blogging while Bean is either at school or sleeping. That, or when she's busy playing with Dad. That way I don't feel like I'm neglecting her for my blog. That will never be ok with me.

Give yourself a break Schedule in vacations on your blog. If you're at all like me, you'll keep plugging away week after week until all of sudden you're burnt out. If you force yourself to take time off here and there, you'll find that burn out will happen less and less if at all. Speaking of scheduling...

Easy tips for balancing motherhood and blogging.

Use an editorial calendar If you've been reading bre pea. for some length of time, chances are you've already heard me RAVE about editorial calendars. I am convinced that I would get less than half the amount of blogging done than I do now if I didn't use one. Content Brew (affiliate link) is the e-course that changed how I blog forever.

Learn to say no If you've already got quite the full plate in regards to blogging duties, learn to say no when additional opportunities come your way. It's tempting to say yes to every chance to earn some extra dough or get some extra swag, but with that comes more obligations. If you're starting to feel overwhelmed, just say "No thank you."

Working from my happy place, my bed.

Work from your happy place My happy place, my bed. I know some will disagree, but my favorite spot to blog from is my bed. I happen to be blogging from there as we speak. I like to use my new blogging tool while I'm all cozied-up in bed. The HP Stream is a new kind of tablet with Intel Inside®It's like a super fast mini-computer because it has a built-in Intel Inside® processor. Plus, it comes with FREE 4G data right out of the box! So I can even work while I'm sitting in the parking lot waiting for Bean to be done with school :) Not to mention, the HP Stream with Intel Inside® also comes with FREE 1TB cloud storage and Office 365 for one year.

Tips for managing being a mom and a blogger.

Now that I'm seeing these photos on my computer, I'm realizing how bad I need a manicure. Such is the life of a mom. 

I hope my tips for balancing motherhood and blogger-hood can help you do it all and keep your sanity at the same time. 

I'd like to know, where do you do your blogging from? Did I miss any must-know tips that you want to share?

Though today's post was sponsored by HP and Intel, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


Why you need to Give Extra to a teacher this Christmas. [FREE PRINTABLE]

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A simple and thoughtful DIY gift for the EXTRA special people in your life  #ExtraGumMoments #ad

There are six particular people in Bean's life that I want to Give Extra to this Christmas. Being a little girl with parents who work opposite schedules, Bean never needed daycare. It has been both a giant blessing and also a bit of a curse. When she turned 3, I started to see the effects of being an only child who also spent practically all of her time around adults take it's toll socially. Not to mention, she was the child of two introverted parents. I knew it might be time for her to start school.

How a box of Goldfish almost destroyed our clean house. [VLOG]

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #EurekaPower #CollectiveBias

Moms: here's how I am winning the battle against the Goldfish! #EurekaPower #ad

Moms, you know the drill. You work your buns off: vacuuming, dusting, putting away every toy with about a thousand pieces to it, only to enjoy a clean house for about a moment. Then, you hear it.

"I can have some Goldfish?!"


How to take your own family Christmas photos (I did it!)

How to take your own holiday photos for cards.

I have gone from Christmas card photo newb to total pro in the last 4 years that we have sent out Christmas cards to family and friends.

It started with the stereotypical nakie baby wrapped up in Christmas lights and shot with my point and shoot Canon. Then I graduated to the cliché child silhouette standing in front of a lit up tree shot with my Nikon D3100. After that I ventured away from the lights and sat Bean down in a rocking chair outside in front of our evergreens.


The ace up my potty training sleeve.

It's not called bribery, it's called "incentivizing". And I incentivized the heck out of potty training. Sure, I might have been able to do it without the incentives, but there would have been a lot more tears from both parties involved. What incentive would I say was of the utmost importance and the tipping point when it came to jumping, in my mind, the first HUGE hurdle in potty training? My Kindle. When we first started potty training Bean (as you may have witnessed in this satirical vlog that I composed), we couldn't even get the kid to sit on the potty let alone go in it. But with the help of my Kindle and a magical free app on Amazon called EduKidsRoom, we got her to sit long enough to let the magic happen.

My ultimate potty training trick.

I could just see my precious Kindle taking a tumble to the bathroom floor, or worse, diving headfirst into the toilet. I kept telling myself, "It's keeping her on the potty. Be ready to lunge at any moment in  the case of a drop." But NOW they have a wonderful Kindle just for kids!


Thrifted holiday coffee mug candle.

I had seen tea cup candles such as these around Pinterest a few times. When I spotted some awesome vintage holiday mugs during one of my many trips to the local thrift store, an idea immediately popped into my head. I knew that I could give them a second life and turn them into candles quite easily. I don't know about you, but I always feel a little like I'm rescuing poor, forgotten relics of holidays past when I take them home and give them new life.


Gluten-free green berry smoothie recipe.

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Aloha, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #myAloha and #AlohaMoment  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Green & berry Aloha protein powder gluten-free smoothie

I originally found out that I should be on a gluten-free diet through a friend. Imagine my shock when I discovered that, given when I got my diagnosis, I should have eaten gluten-free for the last 2 years. Why didn't my doctor tell me? Why did I feel like everyone else with Hashimoto's was privy to this bit of information that took me 2 years to find out? I was incredibly frustrated with my doctor, and even more so I was in shock and disbelief that a gluten-free life was my new reality.


The Collective Social Blog Hop #63

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