She's a crazy Bean.

You know the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words"? Well, I think this picture could sum up Bean's entire personality. Boy oh boy is she a character. Let's just say she wasn't given the hashtag #shesacrazybean for nothing. I love you, my crazy Bean.


The Collective Social Blog Hop #62

It's back... welcome to THE monthly blog hop party! Every 1st Monday of the month (except for this month where I randomly decided to bring it back in the middle of November), link up all of your social media and blogging accounts with me. If you're looking for your blogging tribe, this is it!

The Collective monthly social blog hop


The 5 types of people you'll see at morning pre-school drop-off.

Bean has been going to pre-school part time for a little over 2 months now. So, naturally, I am now an expert at labeling the people that I see at morning drop-off. Kidding. But really, after multiple drop-offs I started to notice a few different categories that people might fall into.

5 types of people you'll see at morning pre-school drop off

The Grandparents

I feel for them. They have to relive the awkward first-time experience over and over again. They can be seen:
  • Asking their 3-4-5 year old grandchild where they need to go once they walk in the door
  • Explaining to the teachers that they're the "grandma/pa" and not sure how this all goes
  • Reluctantly saying goodbye to their grandkid while the kiddo can't run away fast enough to their favorite activity


Realizations for my past self, October 2014.

Dear Bre,

This month is a time for self-realizations. You will realize that what you thought you wanted was really not it at all. You will realign priorities in ways that you didn't think would fit you. Time for socialization has been put on the back burner for far too long, and getting back into the church will spark the start of a self-revolution. It's about time.

golden autumn tree leaves


A Gorgeous Fall Nature Scavenger Hunt

We recently had our annual fall break otherwise known as "M.E.A." to us Minnesotans, and I wanted to take advantage of this extra time off from teaching to enrich Bean's life with some fun adventures. I am an utterly hopeless fall freak and it seems that this fall has been unusually beautiful, so I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and scenery and take the average nature walk a step up with a fall scavenger hunt.

Fall Nature Scavenger Walk

I did a little brain-storming and Pinterest researching and came up with a short list of fall find-ables. Being the frugal gal that I am, I took a bag we had lying around the house and wrote down a short list of things for Bean and I to find on our walk.


DIY Frugal Furry "Animal" Halloween Costume for Kids

I am definitely one of "those moms" who stubbornly refuses to buy a halloween costume and insists on making it themselves, no matter if the DIY version turns out to cost more. In this case, I totally win. Total cost for Bean's 2014 halloween costume: $9.13! And that's even with me forgetting my Jo-Ann Fabric mailer coupons (shame on me).

DIY furry animal halloween costume

The inspiration behind her costume came from an adorable pin I saw on Pinterest. I thought it was to-die-for-cute and looked super easy to make yourself, if you could find the right stuff. Well, as it turns out the type of fur needed for that was not easily found in any of the semi-local craft stores I visited. I decided to set out and make a version of my own.


Guess who's back... back again?

(cue creepy organ music)
Muah, ah, ah, ah! I'm BA-ack...

What a better time of year to come back from the dead than Halloween, right? You didn't think I would be gone forever, did you? Well, honestly, I did.


See ya later.

I knew this time had to come, but that doesn't take away this weird, empty feeling.

I have decided to no longer post at Peacoats & Plaid. I'm sure this isn't that much of a shock to some of you that have been along with me on my journey as I tried to figure out how to balance a booming dance studio business with motherhood and this blog. It's all become too much. I always vowed that if the negatives started to outweigh the positives it was time to throw in the towel.